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Teresa’s story and journey starts and continues with a series of “stumbled-upons.” She does not attribute luck and happenstance to the good fortune she has experienced. The Most High, the true loving God, blesses her.

Her humble and precarious beginning starts in a broken family growing up in a poverty-stricken neighborhood. Her circumstances offer little hope, but at an early age, Teresa has a strong sense of God. It is that inner knowing that strengthens her and allows her to persevere. Along life’s journey, she makes detours, which has the potential to leave her wallowing in despair. Before straying too far from the path, suddenly, she makes the decision to get back on course and she has been ever since.

Although she embraces the blessings marriage, motherhood and a successful public service career afford her; she senses more purpose in life, adding writer to her mission. Writing ignited creativity, vision and a place of solace for Teresa. In addition, writing provided her a vehicle to connect with others by sharing her life experiences and lessons learned, in short – a calling. Her calling birthed Return to Your First Love and her latest release, Martha, Martha: The Good Part.